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About Me

Hello, I'm AgataKa

I’m self taught artist. Drawing is my passion since I was a kid. I like to try a diffrent styles, finding myself a challenge.

I learned both traditional and computer graphics. Now I’m mostly creating game art with my Photoshop CS6 and cintiq 13hd tablet.

Making games was always great experience for me. I have over 7 years experience in making games. I started in 2007 in polish game company Breakpoint where we were making java games for cellphones. Later I was working with Game factory, creating artwork and animation for flash games for pc. Then I worked with Bushido games and We were creating html5 games for smartphones and facebook. I am also working as a freelance artist looking for new and interesting challenges. I was art director in big educational project KNeoWorld, where i could use my both passions - creating games and creating comics. I really love my job.

My favorite games are Heroes of the Storm, Aion online, Loco Roco, World of Goo, Settlers, N+ and maaany more. I like nice games which can bring smile to people :)

In future I hope to meet new cool people and create projects which can give me and other people happiness.

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